People in California rely on their jobs in order to earn an income and provide for their and their family’s needs. They make decisions on what they can afford based on the fact that they expect the job to be there and the paychecks to continue to come in. However, people are fired from their jobs from time to time.

This can happen for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it is because the company is going through changes and needs to downsize, sometimes it is because the employee’s poor performance and sometimes it could be because the employer is discriminating against the employee.

While most employees are at-will employees, they still do have rights and if the employer violates these rights, the employer may need to compensate the employee. However, it is usually not perfectly clear that an employee was the victim of a wrongful termination. So, to help the employee’s case, there are certain steps they can take to help their case.

If there is an employment contract, the employee should make sure they have a copy and become familiar with the contract and/or the employee handbook. Employees should inquire as to the reason they are being fired and ask to review their employee personnel file. It is also a good idea to review any previous promises that were made to the employee regarding their employment with the company.

Many people in California lose their jobs each year. There are a variety of reasons for the firings. Most may be legal, but in many instances the employee may have been discriminated against and have a wrongful termination claim. It is important for the employee to preserve as much of the evidence as they can though to help bolster their case. Experienced attorneys know what clues to look for to determine if there was a wrongful termination and may be a useful resource.

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