As people in California are aware, there has been a giant light shined on sexual harassment in the workplace recently. Many high profile people in the entertainment and media have been fired or resigned over allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. The allegations against these men go back numerous years as well and demonstrate that sexual harassment has been an issue for a long time and continues to be one as well.

To help combat against sexual harassment, California has requirements regarding sexual harassment training in the workplace. Employers are required to train their supervisors in how to handle reports of sexual harassment and the best ways to rectify the situation. This training must include education on the laws regarding sexual harassment; what constitutes sexual harassment; remedies for the victims; how to prevent sexual harassment from occurring; supervisor’s obligation to report sexual harassment; what to do if a supervisor is accused of sexual harassment and other education on how to handle certain situations.

Hopefully, this training is put into practice, but this is not always the case and victims of sexual harassment may find dead ends within the company after complaints are made. The victims do still have potential remedies available to them though. They could file lawsuits against the employer and/or individual who sexually harassed the victim. If successful the victims may be entitled to compensation among other remedies.

While there have been attempts to stop sexual harassment in California, the news demonstrates that it is still very prevalent. There are many victims that may not know where to turn. These victims do have rights though and may be entitled to compensation as well. Experienced attorneys understand the detrimental effects that sexual harassment has on the victims and may be able to help protect their rights.

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