Recently many allegations of sexual harassment have come to the surface in California and throughout the nation. Many people within the entertainment industry and politics have been exposed for their behavior towards women. Many of the complaints have come in the work environment and involve subordinates in those situations. The California legislature is now under fire as well.

The main accusations have been limited to a couple individuals, but women are now demanding a change in the culture, not simply getting rid of a couple bad apples. There was recently a hearing to discuss implementing better options for people who are being harassed to make complaints. There was also testimony from victims of sexual harassment and how it affected them. There were demands that people within the legislature stop keeping quiet about this behavior and protecting those who harass others.

While politicians, actors and other famous people have been in the spotlight during this discussion, this type of behavior is not limited to just those areas of society. Sexual harassment is present at many different companies in California.

Many people unfortunately experience sexual harassment or discrimination while at work and it creates a very difficult work environment. It is also prohibited by law and those who are harassed or discriminated against may be entitled to compensation. Employers are also required to have a sexual harassment prevention policy to provide their employees with resources when this type of behavior occurs.

Sexual harassment has been in the spotlight in California and apparently has been a problem in the legislature for a long time. There has been a huge effort recently to put a stop to this type of behavior, but it is still present in work environments. The victims of this behavior may not always know what they can do, but the behavior is illegal and the victims may be entitled to compensation. It is important for employees to know their rights and experienced attorneys may be able to help protect them.

Source:, “California Legislature’s handling of sexual harassment complaints blasted at hearing” Katy Murphy, Nov. 28, 2017