Being fired from a job is one of the most stressful situations a person can go through. Losing a job for an unlawful reason, however, can introduce an entirely new level of stress and anger. Handling these situations as calmly as possible is crucial in forming a wrongful termination case, as is seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney. But first, understanding what constitutes as wrongful termination is necessary.

Wrongful termination cases involve an employer firing or laying off an employee for unlawful reasons. Because California is an at-will employment state – meaning an employer can let go of an employee at any time without establishing “just cause” – it can be difficult to pinpoint what unlawful reason was the source of the termination. There are many situations, however, that can be considered wrongful termination. These include retaliation for refusing to participate in illegal activity, reporting illegal activity or for a number of personal elements such as age, sex, disability, sexual orientation and more.

Navigating this situation is extremely difficult, but the legal team of Hennig Ruiz Law Firm is here to assist. Exposing the motivation behind the firing requires sharp investigative ability and an acute knowledge of wrongful termination law, both attributes our attorneys possess. We will fight for your rights as an employee and person, ideally discovering the true cause behind your release.

Until that happens, however, it’s important to remain as calm as possible and not do anything that could potentially harm your case. Instead, seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney can help you proceed with a level-headed plan of legal action. For more information, please visit our wrongful termination page.