No one should be judged or have their work affected by their sex or sexual orientation. While that may seem like an obvious statement to make, it’s unfortunately not how some workplace scenarios play out. Sexual gender harassment & discrimination is a very real problem in many businesses across the country. While that phrase may conjure up images of dramatic and confrontational situations, many instances of such discrimination occur in much more subtle ways.

Instead of outright firing an employee because of their sex or sexual orientation, businesses may instead try to slowly chip away at the person’s resolve in hopes they quit on their own. This can come in many forms. A business may put in place certain measures or policies that are clearly weighted to favor a particular sex or sexual orientation; allowing sexual harassment to go on and on; denying promotions or pay raises due to gender issues; providing advantages and favoritisms of all kinds based on sex and sexual orientation. The list is long and each is as wrong as the other.

At Hennig Ruiz Law Firm, our experienced team of attorneys has represented many clients who have received such heinous treatment. While it is understandably difficult to maintain composure in the face of such discrimination, doing so can greatly help your case. By documenting the instances of harassment and keeping a record of any complaints you have issues.

We can examine your case and formulate a solid plan of legal action to combat this behavior. There simply is no excuse for discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help those in such situations proceed with courage and confidence. For more information, please visit our sexual gender harassment & discrimination page.