Common Reasons Why People Get Fired from Their Jobs

What are the most common reasons for getting fired? Since California is an “at-will” state, unless you have a contract with your employer, you can be terminated at any time, and for any reason. However, there are common issues that cause bosses to let employees go. Here are the top ten.

Why Do People Get Fired from Jobs?

1) Poor Attendance

Employees who are consistently absent or late can be a major irritation to their bosses, especially if they do not have an explanation for their tardiness. If a workplace has a policy for taking time off, then not abiding by this policy can also result in termination.

2) Underperforming

An employee can be fired after failing to meet the requirements of the job or not rising to the occasion after a negative performance review. If your work is error-loaded or slow, you could be fired for wasting the company’s time and money.

3) Workplace Misconduct

Misconduct describes a broad range of unacceptable workplace behaviors, such as foul language, physical violence, destruction of workplace property, and undisclosed relationships with other employees. In addition to termination, this can result in legal action on the part of the company.

4) Employee Non-Compliance

Having a bad attitude can also get you fired. If you are disrespectful or disobedient toward your supervisor, this can be grounds for firing due to insubordination. Employees can also be fired for wasting their coworkers’ time or lowering workplace morale.

5) Using Social Media at Work

Using social media on work computers is increasingly an issue in the workplace. While some companies have policies allowing limited social media use, an employee can be fired for abusing social media in the workplace. Employees can also be fired for complaining about their jobs or disclosing company information on social media.

6) Lying on Application or Resume

If you’re caught being unable to perform the tasks that you claimed you could in your application, this could be grounds for dismissal. You can also be fired if you fail to disclose a former employer, felony convictions, or education when applying for a position.

7) Drugs and Alcohol

Bringing drugs and alcohol into the workplace, or being under the influence on the job, are often grounds for immediate dismissal. There could also be legal consequences if the situation involves controlled substances.

8) Time and Property Theft

When an employee lies about how much time they’ve spent working, this is considered time theft and can be grounds for immediate dismissal. Employees can also be accused of property theft if they use company resources, like copier paper, for personal business.

9) Conducting Personal Business

Similar to social media use, if you’re bringing personal matters to work, or spending too much time doing personal business at work, you may be terminated. Employers may monitor internet use during the day and discourage employees from making personal phone calls that take time away from work.

10) Sharing Company Secrets

Many companies have strict non-disclosure policies to prevent employees from sharing proprietary knowledge or trade secrets. You can be fired immediately if you violate the policy by sharing confidential information about your company.

File a Wrongful Termination Claim in California

While employers do not have to give a reason such as one of the above to fire an employee, some firings are illegal-for example, if race, age, gender, or sexual orientation was a factor in the dismissal. In these cases, employees should contact an experienced wrongful termination attorney for help.

The Hennig Ruiz California employment attorneys can help with these matters. If you feel you are a victim of wrongful termination in California, contact our experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys for a free consultation.