A wrongful termination lawsuit was recently filed against Eddie Money by former employee Glenn Symmonds, and Symmonds’fiancée Tami Landrum. Symmonds was once employed as the famed rocker’s drummer.

The lawsuit levels an abundance of accusations against Money, including discrimination based on age, disability, medical condition, plus sexual harassment claims by Landrum. Included in the accusations against the musician are also complaints of battery, assault and false imprisonment.

Lawsuit Against Eddie Money Raises a Slew of Discrimination and Harassment Accusations

The discrimination suit states that 61-year-old Symmonds was hired by Money 42 years ago. Symmonds went on to record and tour with the rock star until his termination in May 2015. The star drummer who played with the likes of Dave Mason, Etta James and other prestigious acts was then replaced by another drummer – Money’s son, Julian.

The complaint was amended to also state that on an earlier date in May of 2015, Money allegedly grabbed Landrum by her arm then proceeded to drag her into a bathroom stall. According to the complaint, Money embraced Landrum and held her hostage, blocking her exit. Landrum ended up breaking away from the embrace. After the incident occurred, she told Symmonds who then told his former employer, “Don’t touch her again.” Two weeks later, both Symmonds and Landrum (also an employee at the time), were fired.

Amendments made to the complaint also add numerous alleged incidences of sexual harassment in which Landrum claims that for many years, the rock star made “vulgar sexual advances” toward her.

Money also allegedly harassed Symmonds during their later years of working with one another. The complaint states that Money targeted Symmonds’ disabilities due to a back injury and bladder cancer. Symmonds stated that Money would tell concert goers that his former bandmate was a cancer survivor, then make jokes that the concerts were sponsored by Depends, an adult diaper brand. Symmonds suffered from public embarrassment because he actually did have urinary incontinence due to his chemotherapy treatments.

Money’s Attorneys Claim Discrimination and Harassment Accusations are Untruthful

One of Money’s attorney’s claims that Symmonds and Landrum have made up the stories to try and use the legal system to extort the rock star. The attorney went on to state that the accusations by Symmonds and Landrum are “specious in the extreme.”

A trial date has yet to be set.

Article adapted from original story, Eddie Money sued for alleged discrimination, harassment, false imprisonment via Los Angeles Daily News

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