One in four employees is affected by workplace bullying, and many suffer from this type of harassment in silence. While bullying itself is not yet against the law, anti-bullying legislative measures are being taken into consideration all across the country. Plus, anti-bullying organizations and online resources are available to those who don’t know how to deal with workplace bullying on their own.

The following online workplace bullying resources will help you understand the signs that constitute bullying, provide links to anti-bullying books for further reading, and even resources for your employer to help them promote a psychologically healthy workplace.

Workplace Bullying Resources and Initiatives

1.) APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Workplace Bullying

The American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence provides a vast collection of workplace bullying resources, including research abstracts, workplace bullying articles, book recommendations, workplace bullying statistics and links to other high-quality resources for employees and HR professionals.

2.) Bully-Free at Work


Valerie Cade is the Founder of Bully Free at Work. Valerie is dedicated to helping employees cope with workplace bullying and stop it in its tracks. Bully Free at Work provides blog articles on a variety of workplace bullying topics. Valerie is also available for on-site keynote presentations, workplace bullying seminars, customized training programs, and online anti-bullying learning resources for both employees and employers.


bully-online-workplace-bullying-logo.png is a source that provides helpful information about workplace bullying. The site first appeared in 1996 and was created by the late Tim Field. The site still offers Tim’s insights and is now a project of the Tim Field Foundation, a charitable organization that provides information regarding the nature of bullying in the workplace, plus workplace bullying assistance and advice.

4.) Healthy Workplace Bill


The Healthy Workplace Bill website offers information on what constitutes workplace bullying, research topics surrounding bullying, workplace bullying news articles and more. It also provides in-depth information about the bill and how to get involved and promote this important grassroots campaign. If you feel strongly that workplace bullying is wrong, you can volunteer to be a coordinator in your state.

5.) Society for Human Resource Management


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society. As a leading provider of resources serving the needs of HR professionals, their website includes a list of helpful workplace bullying resources for both employees and HR professionals. Their articles include information on workplace bullying laws, bullying investigations, cyberbullying and more.

6.) Stop Workplace Bullies


Drew Mitchell manages Stop Workplace Bullies, a site that is on a mission to help employees and employers recognize the signs and symptoms of a toxic work environment. The site also helps bring to light how workplace bullying affects worker health, advocates for anti-bullying legislation, and gives support to those who are affected by workplace bullying.

7.) Workplace Bullying Institute


The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) was founded by Dr. Gary Namie and Dr. Ruth Namie. WBI is the first and only organization in the United States that is focused on eradicating workplace bullying by combining help for employees, bullying research, books, public education materials, anti-bullying training and consulting solutions for organizations. WBI is also an advocate for workplace bullying legislation – Dr. Gary Namie is the National Director for the Healthy Workplace Campaign.

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You deserve to work in a safe, supportive environment and workplace bullies should be dealt with accordingly. If you are being bullied or harassed at work in California, don’t wait another day to contact our experienced Los Angeles employment lawyers for a free consultation to start building your case today.